Food Safety Research Center

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Centre’s Structure

The FSRC established at IYTE is a multi-disciplinary research Centre. The Centre includes 20 faculty members, 1 lecturer and 3 research associates. Faculty comes from several departments including Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biology Departments.

The Centre management team consists of centre director, assistant centre director, board of directors, centre advisory board, quality assurance manager (QAM), academic and administrative staff. The responsibilities of each position are explained below:

Centre Director: The everyday management activities of the FSRC are administrated by a director. The Centre director is responsible for:
• Representing the Centre and directing the board of directors.
• Executing the decisions of meeting with board of directors, planning the budget of the Centre, reporting to the President of IYTE.
• Preparing the instructions for the laboratories of the Centre and procedures for the instruments.
• Coordinating the regular operations of personnel and infrastructure of the Centre.
• Preparing annual written report based on the insights and advice from the board of directors and presenting to the president of IYTE.

Assistant Director of Centre: Assistant Director of Centre is assigned by the Centre Director among the faculty members who have experience and academic background in food engineering and/or food science and/or food technology subjects and related disciplines. The assistant director is responsible for representing the Centre Director in case of need in meetings with the board of directors and for being a consultant of the Centre Director.

Board of Directors: Including the Centre Director, the board of directors consists of 5 members who have experience and academic background in the above indicated areas. The board of directors gathers every 3 months at least. The board of directors is responsible for:
• Scheduling Centre activities based on the objectives of the Centre.
• Preparing the annual activity report.
• Allocating the Centre resources amongst the centre projects and preparing the budget.

The Centre Advisory Board: The advisory board is composed of the faculty of IYTE and related departments of other universities, food related industries and government organizations. The Centre advisory board has minimum 5 members. At least one meeting a year is carried out with advisory board and board of directors to state the insights about the ongoing research and other activities in the Centre and to suggest possible research areas, which will fit the national and international needs.

Quality Assurance Manager: QAM is assigned by the Centre Director among the faculty members. The manager is responsible for assuring scientific, technical and administrative management of all quality related issues. Tracking and following up the quality during the implementation of projects is another role of QAM.

Organizational structure of the FSRC

Academic Staff: The responsibilities of the academic staff are conducting the researches and reporting the results of the projects to the Centre Director on time.

Administrative Staff: Administrative staff are responsible for the office work of the FSRC.

FSRC Phone: +90 (232) 750 62 90 Fax: +90 (232) 750 61 96
Webmaster: BUAM | İzmir Institute of Technology - Urla, İzmir 35430 TR