Food Safety Research Center

Lecture Series




Key Research Areas

1) Microbiological safety
a. Microbiological safety of minimally processed foods
b. Development of HACCP plans for various small and medium sized food plants
c. Determination of antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of fruits, vegetables and herbs grown in Aegean region and use of their extracts in food and packaging systems
d. Evaluation of microbial and chemical quality of various foods

2) Chemical safety
a. Development of methods to detect the adulteration of foods
b. Use of biosurfactants for remediation of pesticide contaminated soils
c. Detection of toxic elements in food products using inductively coupled plasma spectroscopy

3) Processing
a. Disinfection of fruits and vegetables using hydrogen peroxide and ozone
b. UV treatment of fruit juices
c. Modeling and optimisation of fermentation processes and scale-up

4) Packaging
a. Development of antimicrobial packaging materials by use of biopreservatives
b. Quality evaluation of modified atmosphere packaged foods
c. Development of biomaterials

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